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We offer goods such as "Martian," our original brand of high-quality Western crockery and cutlery, precious metals and accessories, and corporate sales such as commercial goods including tableware and kitchen goods for the domestic and international hospitality industry and give-away goods for corporate sales promotions.
We are active in numerous aspects of the industry and handle the Danish-designed Scandinavian tableware "DANSK" or works designed by a representative Japanese designer "Sori Yanagi" who is a Person of Cultural Merit.

Martian Brand DANSK
Martian Brand DANSK
柳宗理 貴金属
Sori Yanagi Precious Metals
業務用品 オリジナル企画・製作
Commercial Goods Original Planning and Projects
東京ミッドタウン「SATA」 ショールーム
Tokyo Midtown [SAYA] Show-room

食品・制服・健康 生活用品全般を提案します

We offer a wide range of goods through our mail order businesses such as "Sato Direct" or "Zenkoku Umaimonbin" which are our on-line shops, or by direct management of our "SAYA" stores which handle introduction and sales of high-quality beautiful everyday goods. In addition, through various channels, we offer the full range of lifestyle goods including goods, natural water, uniforms and health equipment.Naturally, we handle a vast range of original Sato Shoji Corporation original goods.

食品 ユニフォーム
Foods Uniforms
ご当地グルメ 健康
Gourmet around the Country Health Goods